Been having my usual fun with character modelling.
Big guy on the right is mostly done just a few fist tweaks to do and I want to see if I can give him some arm tattoos. 

Latest bit of 3D environment - the seedy underground gambling room. I tried to make it so that it feels like a rougher area than earlier parts of the film.
There is still the second gambler to make-the big guy who loses his temper and throws the pufferfish.

Been working on rearrangements for this scene. Its finished apart from me needing to work out a way to make the escalator steps move and regenerate at the top. I’m sure there’s a way! Also took away his little beard/goatee thing because I’ve been told it doesn’t fit in as well as the other features. 

apparently theres always time for a bit of photoshop and illustrator fun


Well this does look cool-apparently Arthur De Pins illustrates his comic book series on Adobe Illustrator. I look forward to the animated feature film!

Website ( ›

Website’s pretty much up and running! with a few bugs still to work out but I reckon it’ll do for now :)


Step Inside an Interactive M.C. Escher Drawing with Monument Valley

(via fuckyeahillustrativeart)

my 3D modelled London Underground platform complete with tube train!
Very pleased the way the girl/pufferfish are fitting in the scene. Global Illumination and lighting are finally on my side :)

The character group photoshoots are getting busy now, enter Gambler no.1

New character - Drunkard Girl

Her hair really frustrated me to get right, but we got there in the end. 

disco pufferfish

Characters for my animated short are coming along nicely!

3 down - and about four more main characters to go - and many many background extras. 

But for now here is the hotel bell boy, young girl, pufferfish and bus driver. 

Hotel scene is not actually going to look like this. I just want to take a moment to appreciate this gradient atmosphere in the hotel lobby. Just when I think I know Cinema 4D-I discover something cool like this! 

Probably will apply this to the underground club scene instead 

The love between a young child and an inanimate pufferfish. 

Currently in the process of character and scenery modelling for my upcoming animated short.


2nd Editorial image for Little White Lies - Inside Llewyn Davis

liked this film a lot