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A Stuffed Pufferfish In London - Cinema 4D Breakdown

I decided it would be useful to document some of animation taking place on Cinema 4D, since it’s otherwise impossible to see what the scene really looks like and how its built behind those rendered finishes. I have edited together and sped up (extremely sped up) these screen recordings to make a ‘Behind The Scenes’ style breakdown of how a scene gets animated. Some clips show the Global Illumination lighting render taking place in just a few short seconds whereas in real-time, it would take 15 minutes to render just one frame.
Hopefully this gives an insight into the way Cinema 4D can work to make a character animation.

A Stuffed Pufferfish In London is my final animated degree film from Winchester School of Art.

I was inspired to create this animation when I read about the strange objects that have been left on the London Underground over the years, a stuffed pufferfish being one of these. This film tells the fictional story of how the pufferfish came to be lost, and how it affected the days of several unrelated characters and situations.

This film, from its initial development through to finishing, took just over 5 months to make. The modelling and animation was done entirely on Cinema 4D, with the post-editing done of After Effects.

All music was provided by the West One Music Group.

A Stuffed Pufferfish In London - Stills

Some of my favourite stills from my animation (currently in the slow process of uploading to vimeo!)

A Stuffed Pufferfish In London - Film Poster

The film is complete and will be arriving very soon, showing at our Winchester School of Art degree show and London show.
As soon as I make final amends to the animation, I will upload it, but for now, here is the film’s promotional poster. 
I regret it’s been very quiet lately on my blog, this has only been because this film has taken up every bit of free time!


The cast of Ridley Scott’s Alien In honor of HR Giger’s passing yesterday 

City Stuff

Recent illustration i made for a Wessex Scene article about how there’s no pressure on England in the upcoming World Cup.

It’ll be my last image for the magazine, so i wanted to make it as fun and cartoony as possible :) 


A Monster in a Diner…Front and back cover (alternate color scheme) for The Normal School, a biannual literary publication.

This project was a fun departure from my normal assignments, as there was no concrete concept given to me for the cover. Initially I found the freedom daunting, but the floodgates opened once I sat down to sketch. After narrowing it down, I ended up sending 8 completely different concepts. Many thanks to Sophie Beck and Joan English Wood for the trust and freedom with this project.

Been having my usual fun with character modelling.
Big guy on the right is mostly done just a few fist tweaks to do and I want to see if I can give him some arm tattoos. 

Latest bit of 3D environment - the seedy underground gambling room. I tried to make it so that it feels like a rougher area than earlier parts of the film.
There is still the second gambler to make-the big guy who loses his temper and throws the pufferfish.

Been working on rearrangements for this scene. Its finished apart from me needing to work out a way to make the escalator steps move and regenerate at the top. I’m sure there’s a way! Also took away his little beard/goatee thing because I’ve been told it doesn’t fit in as well as the other features. 

apparently theres always time for a bit of photoshop and illustrator fun


Well this does look cool-apparently Arthur De Pins illustrates his comic book series on Adobe Illustrator. I look forward to the animated feature film!

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Website’s pretty much up and running! with a few bugs still to work out but I reckon it’ll do for now :)